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Urban Glass - Set of 6 x 300ml Wine Glass (Clear)

Urban Glass - Set of 6 x 300ml Wine Glass (Clear)

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  • fit a smaller table and exciting action on the dining table both at home and in a bistro
  • Lead-Free Crystal Glass for lighter and good clarity wine glass
  • the middle part is shaped and measured as wide as a bordeaux glass, so you won’t spill when you swirl
  • 300ml capacity to the top, make it an honest 120-150ml tasting portion
  • opening funnel to give an excellent aromatic experience, good for bubbles too.
  • opening diameter for fingers to lean in comfortably for thorough cleaning
  • no corners in the wine glass, easy to clean with just a quick rinse
  • shorter stem to fit smaller table
  • match with all of our plates and bowls timelessly with the correct size proportion
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Due to shipping safety we recommend you to get 6 in a box, and we have a special discount offered. This is to ensure the products arrive in a well packaged box. If you want to try the single piece, you may visit our physical shops which we sell them individually. 

Collection: Urban Glass
Description: Set of 6 x 300ml Wine Glass (Clear)
Packaging: Open Stock
Material: Glass
Unit: SET
Dimension: 8.0 x 8.0 x 17.0 cm
Weight: 510.0g
Country of Original: China
Declaration Export Code: 7013370000

A contemporary, everyday wine glass that is suitable for all types of wine. Made of quality lead free crystal glass, the glass is set to feel casual and young with no compromise on quality and drinking experience.

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