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Er-go! System - 17cm Ramen Bowl (White)

Er-go! System - 17cm Ramen Bowl (White)

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  • We wanted to make it simple for people to express themselves with their food presentation, to help them deliver the cosmopolitan foods they love with ease.
  • interrelate with one another, that would allow you to be creative with food in multiple ways.
  • let our food artists join in with the creative process to add a new dimension to Ergo collection.
  • With Ergo System the only limit is your imagination. Use it with our professional coffee cups to create your food and beverage art.
  • The new range of trays exploits the natural beauty of Ash wood, taking that material and crafting in to forms that are both a pleasure to use but wonderful to look at.
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Collection: Er-go! System
Description: 17cm Ramen Bowl (White)
Packaging: Open Stock
Material: Porcelain
Unit: PCS
Dimension: 17.0 x 17.0 x 8.0 cm
Weight: 584.0g
Country of Original: China
designer: Simon Stevens
Declaration Export Code: 6911101900

Er-go! was inspired by our modern way of living with the need to be practical and multi-functional. It was also inspired by our desire to serve and enjoy both western and eastern cuisine with its various size and shape requirements. A true East meets West concept. Er-go! System is the extension that gives you millions ways of presenting your food. Consists of plates, oval dishes and wooden trays of various size and colours, the sky is the limit and you can form unlimited combinations. Lay in with the original coloured versions to create even more excitement in your food canvas. They all come in a strong, industrial body which would withstand hectic restaurant and cafe environment. Designed specially for the cafe culture, they would serve all sorts of simple, casual food from your kitchen.

Simon Stevens is an award winning product designer and a driving force in ceramic design. Simon has worked with some of World's most prestigious ceramic manufacturers and has taught and lectured on the subject throughout the UK. He has headed up Design Teams for lifestyle brands and now continues his design career in the established Simon Stevens Design Studio based in London. Simon's dynamic creativity resulted in his most successful designs being in the permanent collections of the Victoria & Albert Museum and the Frankfurt Museum of Applied Art.

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